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Insulation mattresses offer many advantages. For instance, they not only enhance the safety of your employees in the workplace; they also optimise your energy consumption by reducing your CO2 emissions. Clearly a win-win situation for your company!

Insulation mattresses are used in difficult-to-reach places or where maintenance work is regularly carried out (valves, flanges, pumps, ...). Once the maintenance work is done, the insulation mattresses can be readily disassembled or reinstalled. Your own staff can easily do this, but we will gladly assist you if you want us to.

The insulation mattresses are used separately or in combination with traditional insulation. Depending on your technical installations, we use insulation materials that can handle temperatures of up to 1,150° C.

The mattresses and their components are EU and Ghost R (USSR) certified.

We attach a great deal of importance to high quality. That is why we only work with suppliers who – just like us – pursue a consistent and high quality.