Inspection plugs

Inspection plugs make the (corrosion) inspection of piping so much easier. The plug is made of silicone and fits perfectly in the slot of an aluminium collar, keeping the system 100% waterproof after inspection. Remove Insul manufactures and installs these inspection plugs.

Inspection plugs offer many advantages:

  • Efficient inspection without damaging the insulation material
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Cost savings

Technical properties:

  • Available in dimensions 2.5” and 5”
  • Made of silicone and rubber
  • Temperature range from - 60 °C to + 260 °C
  • Aluminium 5052 collar
  • O-ring made of silicone
  • Stainless steel chain to prevent losing the plug

How is it installed?

  1. An opening is drilled in the insulation board, with the plug’s diameter.
  2. An aluminium collar and an O-ring are installed, guaranteeing the watertightness.
  3. This is then fastened with a hydraulic pump.

The assembly and disassembly are very quick and efficient.