Beyond Zero

Beyond Zero

With the Beyond Zero safety programme we try to prevent workplace accidents and minimise our impact on the environment.

By making safety a key topic among our professionals, we create a safety culture in which we look beyond the pursuit of zero workplace incidents. We look “Beyond Zero”.

Taking responsibility 

We stimulate a positive, honest and fair safety culture among all our employees. We allow them to take responsibility themselves. As such, they are personally and closely involved in achieving the goal and think about their and other people’s safety and health.

Training for all disciplines

Altrad Hertel attaches a great deal of importance to the continuous training and development of our professionals. All our employees – from project managers to operators – take discipline-oriented safety training. The many internal HSEQ training courses are also a part of our approach. As a result, we have already trained hundreds of professionals, within all disciplines of Altrad Hertel.


Our HSEQ management system has been checked and approved in accordance with (inter)national standards.



The main purpose of Beyond Zero is to reduce the number of workplace incidents to zero, by means of strict and proper procedures. With a zero-tolerance policy we try to create the safest work environment for our people

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